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This article approved by licensed medical personnel - lasik, lasik surgeryLasik Surgery - An Overview

In general terms, Lasik is a surgical procedure that permanently changes the shape of the cornea, using the excimer laser.  Lasik is an acronym for "Laser-Assisted In Situ Keratomileusis."   Lasik technology is corrects different types of refractive errors, including

  • Myopia - nearsightedness
  • Hyperopia - farsightedness
  • Astigmatism - a distortion of the image on the retina caused by irregularities in the cornea or lens of the eye.

The Effects of Lasik Surgery

Lasik surgery involves the precise and controlled removal of corneal tissue by a special laser, which reshapes the cornea. There are other types of refractive surgery which are different from what is known as Lasik. These types of surgeries include radial keratotomy (or RK) and photorefractive keratectomy (or PRK). Because a laser is used for both Lasik and PRK, laypeople generally refer to the procedures as Lasik, even though they are technically different.  (See the article on the differences between PRK and Lasik surgery procedures for a more indepth discussion).

Over the last years, doctors used Lasik as the primary form of surgery for treating myopia.

Preparing for Lasik Surgery; Post-Operative Issues 

If you are not a risk taker or if cost is an issue, then Lasik surgery may not be right for you.

The Lasik procedure takes only thirty minutes to complete. If you cannot focus your eyes for 60 seconds, then you may not qualify for a Lasik procedure.

Make sure that you’ve made proper inquirers pertaining to the treatment before undergoing the procedure. This includes asking about all potential health risks.  Do not sign any waiver before you understand the risks and benefits involved with Lasik surgery.

To avoid complications, make sure that you follow your doctor’s orders before and after your surgery. Post-operative issues are discussed in our article on the differences between PRK and Lasik surgery procedures.