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Diet, Exercise and Weight Loss; General Health Issues

Diet and exercise are critical components of a healthy lifestyle.  In this section, we explore general health issues and helpful diet and exercise programs.

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Featured Diet, Exercise, General Health and Weight Loss Articles ...

  • Is Metabolism Inherited And If So, Can It Be Changed
    Why do some people seem to be able to eat whatever they want and still stay slim? They have a fast metabolism. Your metabolism may be inherited, but there are some things you can do to speed it up.

  • Health and Wealth - They're Related
    Health and wealth are directly related. Whether it's due to access to better food choices, fitness centers or health insurance, higher income earners have better health than low income persons.

  • A Gluttony of Miracle Diet Pills
    Weight loss and healthy diet are a big concern nowadays. Everywhere you look, there are ads for miracle diets. The problem is, miracle diet pills may not result in healthy weight loss.

  • Lose Weight with the Coffee Diet
    Although you may think the idea of a coffee diet might just be another fad,studies have shown that some people benefited and were able to lose weight. The coffee diet helps speed up metabolism.

  • 3 Day Weight Loss Plan
    The 3 day weight loss plan requires will power for rapid weight loss. Anyone using the 3 day diet is urged to follow the plan for only three days. It is not for those who want a long-term diet plan.