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Before engaging in any natural remedy, you should consult with your physician.  Furthermore, chronic or recurring conditions should be treated under the care of a trained medical professional.

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Featured Home and Natural Remedy Articles ...

  • Acupuncture and Skin Conditions - Allergies, Acne and Psoriasis
    Several studies have been conductied on the efficacy of acupuncture for acne, psoriasis, allergies and related conditions. Acupuncture may prove to be an effective alternative to medications.

  • Alternative Acne Treatments
    Persons wanting to avoid side effects have relied on alternative acne treatments. However, there are few scientific studies on the efficacy of herbal remedies for acne and home remedies for acne.

  • Home Remedies - Riding Out a Fever
    A normal temperature is 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit. Each person's normal temperature may be a bit different. Here are some home remedies for what to do if you're running a fever.

  • Home Remedies for Treating Acne
    Powerful home remedies and herbal treatments can alleviate acne. A relatively unknown yet affordable herb, Neem, is considered a wonder herb due to its effectiveness for a variety of ailments.

  • Home Remedies for the Flu
    Influenza - or the flu - can be a serious viral illness and you may consider visiting a doctor. The following are some common home remedies for the flu

  • Natural Treatment of Hypertension - Home Remedies to Lower Your Blood Pressure
    You have the power to control your hypertension or high blood pressure. The following are some tips to lower and monitor your blood pressure.

  • A Bit About Herbs
    There is a growing respect for herbal remedies within the medical community. Many herbal remedies have been studied and documented. Learn a bit about herbs and their uses here.