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medical video, infertility, cause of infertility, treatment of infertilityOur video products are created by licensed medical personnel.  Each selection has free previews and/or free audios.

Infertility - Its Cause and Effect

10% of couples in the United States struggle with infertility.  Worldwide, approximately 8 million couples face infertility problems each year.  In this month's featured video, a 15-year veteran in the infertility treatment field answers questions that you might be too afraid or embarrassed to act.  Learn about the causes and treatments of infertility.


Skin Condition:  Understanding Acne

audio and ebook series on acneComplimentary audio and written presentation about acne.  Learn about common myths, prevention, and natural and prescribed treatments for this disease.  The audios compliment the ebook.

Understanding Acne ebook (PDF format)

Audios (mp3 format):