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What does this mean?  anti-aging, skin care, kineraseSkin Care and a Clinically-Proven Anti-Aging Wonder

No one wants to look old!  The search for the 'fountain of youth' is just as alive today as it was centuries ago.

Think about it - The largest organ in your body is your skin! You need to care of that organ with proper skin precautions (limit sun-exposure, keep hydrated, use lotions to prevent drying), but even that may not be enough to stop or repair all of the damage.  Skin that is damaged from the sun or elements contributes to an aged appearance.  KineraseTM has been touted as a very promising product that will help you look younger.


Is it true and what is KineraseTM?

KineraseTM Skin Care products have been proven to be clinically effective. In fact, KineraseTM was tested against Renova® and Retin-A®. The tests have shown that Kinerase is just as good as the other two. KineraseTM (furfuryladenin) is a natural plant growth hormone that slows down the aging process in plants. It can be used with little-to-no known side effects. KineraseTM Does not promote sun sensitivity, redness, irritation (in most cases) and does not require a prescription.

What Are Some Of The Results From Using KineraseTM?

According to clinical studies, KinersaseTM has been proven to reverse the signs of photoaging. Those tested demonstrated a 97 percent improvement in 24 weeks. Improvements included decreases in blotchiness, roughness, and fine wrinkles. Participants reports that their outcomes were good or excellent, was more that twice those reported by users of Renova®.

How Often Should I Use KineraseTM and Is It Safe?

KineraseTM should be used daily for best results. The cytokinin found in plants will help you improve the fine lines, freckles, wrinkles and blotchy skin, without having to resort to surgery. It also helps with skin damaged by the sun.

KineraseTM has just introduced a new product line called Pro+Therapy. It is available only via physicians and works in conjunction with their core products. According to Kinerase,  "Pro+Therapy uses a new advanced plant-based extract proprietary to Valeant called zeatin. Zeatin is a next generation plant cytokinin derived from plant RNA that works with kinetin. The Pro+Therapy collection of advanced treatment options is designed to help break topical cosmetic plateaus and take results to the next level". This is exciting news for those with skin care needs.

KineraseTM is non-acidic in nature and does not burn like other anti-aging therapies can. It can be used with other cosmetic products.

KineraseTM is also deemed safe to use for those who have undergone laser resurfacing or micro- dermabrasion. It has also been found to be safe for skin conditions like rosacea, eczema and dermatitis. As always, if you have any questions about KineraseTM, it always a good idea to consult your dermatologist.